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Meet Nicole: MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student

Tell us a bit about your background (also where are you from!)
My name is Nicole Marcillac and I recently finished my exchange year at Berry College, (GA USA) getting a Bac+3 in business administration. I was born in Mexico and raised by a Franco-Mexican father and a Hispano-Mexican mother. When I was seven my family and I moved to Barcelona and I lived there for seven years. Now I have been living in France since I was 14 and I love it! 

Why did you decide to join the programme?
I decided to join the programme because emlyon business school not only gives the best opportunities to flourish in the world of luxury through visits, seminars, and a highly experienced faculty, but also offers a unique multicultural environment with a rich human experience to expand our visions and horizons.

What do you expect from the programme?
Combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on skill activities I hope to gain experience and a unique network that will allow me to master the fundamentals of the luxury industry. I then intend to use my experience in the field of my choice which is the world of luxury art. Thereby, I expect to be able to turn a dream into a future life career with the perfect harmony between work and passion

Three words to describe yourself.
Determined, adventurous, open-minded!

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