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Back to News 23/02/2015

“One Day in Paris” event: Discovering embroidery house Ecole Lesage

In early December, MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing students travelled to Paris for a special luxury day.

The day started off with a two-hour presentation by Manuela Spuria Eke, Project Manager within the Fashion Manufacturing Department and Cécile Lean, Freelance Consultant in Luxury Brand Management and creator of artetfacts.com, at the Ecole Lesage, an embroidery house which is now part of Chanel. Both luxury experts talked about the history of embroidery and the Maison Lesage. They also recounted the history of Haute Couture during the 20th century in relation to craftsmanship as well as the different know-hows of this sector in France and how to perpetuate them.

After the presentation, students visited the Lesage workshops and were introduced to some of the house’s embroiderers.

Visiting the Ecole Lesage, was a unique learning experience for the students which allowed to better understand what happens behind the scenes of luxury stores and fashion shows and the importance of preserving the knowledge and heritage of traditional luxury brands such as Chanel. Discovering all aspects of the luxury industry is essential for students in order to build a successful career in this highly-coveted business environment.


“One day in Paris was really an amazing visit and the best one so far. The best part of the visit was the Ecole Lesage and especially the visit to their manufacturing unit. They explained to us why luxury brands such as Chanel are so unique… it’s because of their exquisite designs and manufacturing processes.” – Arjit Birani – Current MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student – Class of 2014-2016


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