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Back to News 13/12/2013

Sharan Mohanram, alumnus of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, meets the current cohort during a dedicated Expert Panel

During this one-hour long Expert Panel, Sharan talked about both his experience prior to joining the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing in 2011 as well as his current job for Richemont Group at Zenith Optimedia.

Sharan Mohanram first did a Bachelor in Materials Science and Engineering at Anna University’s College of Engineering Guindy in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.  During that time period, Sharan launched a music-video production and distribution start-up company, SNM Acoustics, based in Chennai. Because he wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship, he traveled to Sweden where he graduated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology with an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  While in Sweden, Sharan created a second start-up company with his classmates, Arcura AB, which provided health care services to senior citizens. He was in charge of developing the company website, corporate identity logo and online marketing tools (SEO, social media, etc…).

After 5 intense years of studies in both material engineering and entrepreneurship, Sharan decided to change his career ambitions and joined the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing in September 2011

“Ever since I was a kid, I had always wanted to be in Science and Engineering. However, I also loved being creative and artistic.I am very fortunate and grateful to my parents who have always supported me in all my ventures. This has allowed me to have a very diverse background and board scope of knowledge at a very young age. I guess the spirit of being self-sufficient i.e. thinking, creating/producing & distributing is reflected in my career path.  If there is one thing my entrepreneurial ventures has taught me, it’s to be creative and push for ideas beyond what is required.”

His experience within the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing allowed him to not only gain valuable academic knowledge in three countries but it also provided him with the opportunity to meet key players of the Luxury Industry. “Today, I can tell you that the luxury environment helps in pushing boundaries. This can be found across both the vertical and horizontal scope of work in the luxury industry. Of course, there are challenges since the luxury industry is new to the digital world and companies are cautious as to how it affects their business practices. The reason why I believe that the luxury industry is about going beyond the required is for the primary reason why I admire that quote by Luca Montezemolo, President of Ferrari, "We don't sell a car but we sell a dream." 

After talking about his prior experience and the reason that made him join the programme, Sharan presented his current job position to this year’s cohort:  International Search Manager at Zenith Optimedia for Luxury Brand Richemont. Zenith Optimedia is part of world renowned Publicis group which primarily focuses on digital marketing. Within the agency, Sharan deals with all 14 brands of the Richemont group.

“At ZenithOptimedia, I really love the fact that I can express all of my ideas and that we can have a global approach for digital luxury marketing for our luxury clients (Richemont Group). I find it really exciting and interesting to implement the ideas I have and gain hands-on experiences. This allows me to directly manage and identify the ideas which work and which don't. While focusing on my area of expertise on search engine marketing worldwide, I find it impressive to analyse the search behavior of different luxury brands around the world  towards a particular product collection or brand itself. I also really love the people in my office. They are very young, international and energetic. They share their diverse experiences which is a real added-value for me. The company is young at heart and each day posts a new challenge for me.”

Furthermore, Sharan learned how to speak French during that programme and is now working in an international environment in Paris.

Sharan Mohanram is a true reflection of what the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing is all about: getting in-depth knowledge about the Luxury Industry in an international environment, meeting high-end professionals and developing a global network and ultimately jump-starting a successful career in the global Luxury Industry.

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