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MSc in Sports Industry Management: Student Profile

Discover what Clemence has to say about her experience of the MSc in Sports Industry Management.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m 24 years old and I come from Grenoble, located in the middle of the French Alps. I started my studies by joining the Bachelor in Business Administration program of ESSEC Business School where I specialised in International Marketing. During these 5 years, I had the chance to be involved in various student associations which helped me develop my skills in project management.
I also spent more than one year in foreign countries for study abroad experiences and humanitarian missions. Finally, during this programme, I worked two and a half years in companies, allowing me to gain autonomy by applying my knowledge to the sector.
Since I’ve always been passionate about outdoor sports, I decided to pursue my studies in this market by joining the MSc in Sport Industry Management of emlyon business school.

What was your business project when you were in Shanghai?
In Shanghai, we had the chance to be part of an In-Company-Project.
Mine was focused on the marketing and implementation strategy of hiking in China for Salomon. It was a very interesting topic since the sports behaviour in China is very different from the one we are used to in Europe. The help of our Chinese classmates was very useful to reach the right people in order to understand all aspects of the Chinese hiking market.
We also had the chance to be supervised by someone from Salomon Asia. He was very helpful as he challenged our team and gave us advice.
At the end of this 4 month project, we presented it to the managers of the company in order to give them our input.

Where are you currently interning? How did you find your internship?
I’m currently doing an internship at Red Bull Headquarters in Austria where I am responsible for the communication of the company but also for the development of training solutions and strategies. I really like it since I have my own projects and my team gives me a lot of responsibilities. I found my internship by regularly looking in the career section of company websites but also by looking at the job offers provided by Outdoor Sports Valley. After different interviews, I finally chose to join Red Bull.
Joining Red Bull was one of my first choices. It is a very dynamic and innovative in the in the action sports market. The strong relationship between the brand and action sports is very impressive.
Furthermore, working in a German speaking country allows me to strengthen my knowledge of German since I studied in an International School when I was young.

Did you always want to work in the sports industry and what captivated you the most in this industry?
I started to think about working in the sports industry during my third year in the BBA I studied. At this time, and after finishing my apprenticeship in a Healthcare company I knew that I was missing something. After thinking about it, I understood that I wanted to combine my passion for sport with my career.
Since then, I completed an internship with Mavic, part of the Amer Sports Group, joined the MSc of Sports Industry Management and now, working for Red Bull.
What I really like in this industry is the atmosphere. Everyone is very passionate about what they are doing and have the same values. It’s particularly pleasant to be able to go for a ski run during the afternoon with your colleagues when fresh snow just arrived in the mountains ;).

Finally, what did you like the most about the programme and what advice would you give to future students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management?
During the programme, we spent 4 months in Annecy. I really liked this semester because of the project we had with Nike, but also because all of our guest speakers were professionals of the sport industry. It allowed me to clearly identify the different aspects and jobs of this industry. During these 4 months, we also had the chance to go to ISPO, the biggest European outdoor tradeshow in Munich, where we met several international companies.
If I had one advice for the future students, it would be to really take the time to enjoy every new experience they will have: international, travel, sports, people, jobs… everything combined together will help them understand who they are, what they want, and allow them to develop their skills in the best way possible for their future career. 

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