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Digital Night: students get the chance to work on digital concepts

On March 8th, 10 teams of 4 emlyon business school students spent a whole evening at our Makers' Lab working on projects/subjects given  by various companies. The only condition was that students had to draw on a range of data and digital concepts in their project. The teams were coached by partner companies — Accenture, Wave stone, and IBM… - throughout the event. At the end of the evening, the projects were presented as pitches. The event ended with a period of friendly networking to enable companies to get to know and chat with our students a bit more.


Tianyi Li, current student of the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole tells us about her “Digital Night experience”:

“I was honoured to participate in the Digital Night at emlyon business school. It was a unique experience with the IT and Management Consulting industry. The reason why I signed up for this event is quite straight forward: I have a passion for IT and business, I want to connect with fellow students and professionals, and I would like to gain more insights about the industry.

The planning for the night was quite clear. After getting our badges, we started the night by listening various pitches from companies. Employers had one minute and a half each to introduce themselves. Then as an ice-breaker, we played a game of Tangrams: groups had one minute to observe and memorize a pattern, which they needed to reproduce with Tangrams as fast as they could.

Then different cases and instructions were given and the different teams had three hours in total to finish. After an informative and networking cocktail, we started our presentations to the jury who gathered to decide on a winner team.

My team consisted of four members from different years of studies. The topic we got was quite riveting - to help business schools digitalize professional events. We decided that this was a B2B2C model. We then drew from our own experiences of unorganized events and underwhelming parties to identify points that could be improved by digital elements. We focused on analysing the needs of our targets. In the end, we named our project D-Night. It provided a web application and an NFC band at the entrance. With the band, one could easily go pay at the bar, check coats, and best of all, connect with other participants. The web application helped not only the party goer to check the queue and reserve for drinks, but also helped the organizer with inventory using special algorithms. Our team worked quite well: we together covered a wide spectrum of business management aspects from finance to digital marketing, and from logistics to web design. We brainstormed hard in the initial stage, we generated a lot of ideas and we challenged each other until we found the real “wow factor”.

All in all, it has been a productive night: not only have I made a digital consulting case, but I also made professional connections with fellow attendees. Hopefully, next year, some concepts developed during our D-Night project will actually be used at emlyon business school. I highly recommend this event to other students if you are keen on learning more about the digital trends of the world and meeting people with similar interests.”


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