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Back to News 21/11/2013

From Bulgaria, to Germany, to the European Master in Management at EMLYON Business School

I was born in Bulgaria, graduated high school at the age of 19 and traveled to Muenster, Germany, to do a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing. I had previously visited Foreign Language Schools in Bulgaria (with a study focus on German, English and, Russian) and finally decided to apply the language skills gained while in school and took on the challenge to study Business Administration in Germany. While in Germany, I also did an internship in Munich in 2011 at the Marketing Research Institute TNS - Infratest.

After graduating from the University of Muenster, my goal was to explore a new Western European culture and expand my professional network. The fact that the European Master in Management programme offered a specialisation abroad, and in the UK especially, was a perfect match with my international personality. Also, the European Master in Management allows students to do two internships, an essential element which strengthened my decision to join the programme. To me, it is imperative to surround yourself with mature, determined and open-minded people and the European Master in Management is definitely the right environment to build such a community.

In this year’s intake there are 55 students from 18 different countries with a wide variety of cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. This cultural diversity enhances your ability to adapt to different cultural and business environments and it is interesting to think about how productive it can be to work on group projects with people with a solid background in economics and others who have never set foot in an economics class.

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