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Back to News 24/04/2013

Global Management Challenge: Students of EMLYON Business School made it to the final round

A team of 5 students from EMLYON Business School’s MSc in Management were elected “Managers of the year” after winning the French finale of the Global Management Challenge’s 18th edition which took place in Paris on April 4th.

69 teams from different schools and higher education institutions enrolled in this challenge and 8 teams made it to the final round.  Wolfpack, the EMLYON Business School winning team included: Marek Misiak (Polish and Canadian), Savasci David (Austrian), Surapureddy Chaitanyaa (Indian), Isabel Alpers (German), and Amel Yousnadj (Algerian).

This challenge is based on a recognised business simulator and each team, sponsored by specific companies, analyses, develops and manages a virtual company in all its aspects ( Commercial, Financial, Human Resources, Communication, Corporate Social Responsability etc...).

Aside from their trophy and Montblanc watches offered by the Commercial Director of the world renowned brand, the Wolfpak team went on to participate to the international final round of the Global Management Challenge taking place in Bucharest.

The Wolfpack team confronted 7 teams from different countries including: China, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Portugal. In the end, the Ukrainian team won the international round of the Global Management Challenge.

Coming 7th, the Wolfpack team says that their experience was “fabulous” and “enriching”. Thanks to these 5 students of the MSc in Management of EMLYON Business School, France has greatly improved its performance in the Global Management Challenge since 1996. 

EMLYON Business School congratulates the Wolfpack team for this excellent result in this high-end competition!

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