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Back to News 30/05/2018

Meet Nour, future student of the MSc in Sports Industry Management

  • Tell us a bit about your background.

One word: football. This game has been the center of my life since I was a child. From a very young age, I was playing football wherever I went. Even before graduating from school, I knew my path. Now, 5 years later, I am right where I belong. Despite all the social norms and the restrictions in my home country (Lebanon), my parents supported me in every decision I made: from playing to applying to emlyon business school.

  • Why did you decide to join the program?

Despite the passion I hold for the field, I chose to join the decision-making system. This is why I singled out the option to join the sports management community through this program.

  • What do you expect from the program? 

I hope this program will give me all the fundamental elements to start a successful career in an ever-competitive job market and achieve my childhood dream of being a successful influential woman in the sports industry. 

  • A few words to describe yourself.

Hyperactive, hardworking.  

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