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Back to News 03/05/2012

Purdue University Supports Entrepreneurship

Students in the Global Entrepreneurship Program will spend 3 months on Purdue University’s Campus focusing on “developing a company.” During this time, participants will now have access to an all-new tool allowing students to meet, network, and build on their business plans.  

Purdue student entrepreneurs and startup founders have the opportunity to use a new co-space facility in the Chauncey Village area near the Purdue University campus called the “Docking Station.” Students will have access to high-end Wi-Fi, casual working areas with desks, a conference table and a way to share best practices with others.

The Docking Station is sponsored by the Purdue Research Foundation, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship and Frontier Communications. Located near the campus, students will have the possibility to develop strong networking opportunities amongst other entrepreneurs and share access to resources for launching new products and services.

Students, faculty and community entrepreneurs will find the facility a welcome off-campus addition to their resources for commercializing new products and services. The center is open 24/7 for members only and can support up to 30 people.

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