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Back to News 21/05/2013

Special Conference with Friar Marie-Pâques, a Cistercian Monk and an Entrepreneur!

On Monday May 27th at 6pm, a special conference with Friar Marie-Pâques will take place at EMLYON Business School.

The ambition of this unique monk from the Order of Cistercian is to transform 8 hectares of grapevine near Cannes into a renowned international brand to promote Christian values.

  • Is it possible to spread the values of the Church through luxurious products?
  • Can one find a connection between trying to make a profit and fostering humanistic values?
  • Is it possible to build a business plan based on Divine Providence?
  • Can one morally consider himself a businessman when he or she devotes his or her life to God?

Thanks to his unique entrepreneurial spirit and unusual background, Friar Marie-Pâques introduces a new way of talking about management, ethics and entrepreneurial passion.

Should you want to attend this conference, please register here. (Bear in mind that this conference will be given in French)

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