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Back to News 25/11/2013

Starting the year with the Boot Camp for International MBA participants

The new International MBA cohort started with a "Boot Camp" which included a 3-day business simulation, followed by sessions on collaboration and teamwork. As a result, participants got to work together from the start of the programme and were exposed to various facets of business as a means to introduce the program content.

Here is what participants have to say about their experience during the Boot Camp:

“The Boot Camp was very exciting. It was the first time I worked with a small group of people from different countries and with different backgrounds. Everybody had a different perspective and we all worked together to solve the problem we were given.” - Risako from Japan

“I found the Boot Camp to be very interesting as it quickly showed us what we were doing in the program. It introduced us to team work and more than anything else, it showed us the importance of learning from each other.” - Michael from the United States

“For me it was a personal challenge as I wanted to see with a purely technical background how much I understood and what I could do. It was very interesting and got to understand different team dynamics and how people function. It was very enjoyable and I would love to do it once a month.” -  Benafsha from India

“I thought the Boot Camp was incredible. To be introduced to business in such a strategical way was fantastic as I come from a career in Science. I had a great team, I learned a lot and found out a lot about myself and how I work.” - Kerranna from the United States

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