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What’s currently happening in the MSc in International Hospitality Management? Discover the Asian experience!

The Asian hospitality has a legendary reputation for excellence in the hospitality industry. The focus on a high-quality customer experience is essential to all actors within this industry, whether it concerns hotels, restaurants, convention centers, spas, or any other activity that involves welcoming, receiving and caring for people. 

As Asia is known all over the world for its hospitality, spending a semester on emlyon business school's Asian Campus in Shanghai is the perfect opportunity to learn about nurturing and maintaining the customer relationship that is at the core of the hospitality industry.

Read about Camille‘s experience in Asia here:

“The experience in Shanghai is amazing! I had never been to China before so even the trip was a first experience for me. The Asian Hospitality course made us learn a lot about the Asian culture. It might sound obvious to some people, however in Asia, they don't focus on the same values than in Europe or in America. That’s why this course is very enlightening.

Our biggest project is the In-company project for which we endorse the role of consultants for big hotel brands. For instance, with my group we are working for the Grand Kempinski. It is a very rich experience. I had never planned to work before as a consultant, however since we started this project with the help of our emlyon business school’s tutor and the General Manager of the hotel, it has been a very interesting job that I might consider in the future.

Since we are in China, we have been enjoying every moment of our experience. We do not know what the future holds, therefore we are visiting a lot. Some of us already have been to Beijing to visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. Others went to see the Yellow Mountains to stay away from the big cities. I am amazed by the size of buildings in China. We went to the Grand Hyatt hotel, on the 83rd floor, an experience that will definitely make you afraid of heights!

Our class is as close as ever since we arrived in Shanghai. It is hard to explain why, maybe it is because of the language difficulty in China. We always go out together to eat, to visit among other things. It is a great experience and I can't believe it is almost over...”

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