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Back to News 27/05/2018

What’s currently happening in the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing? Discover the Asian experience!

Asia plays a key role in the luxury industry. Learning how to master the business dynamics in this region is essential to succeed in the luxury industry.

During their time in the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, students spend their third semester in Shanghai where they receive first-hand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities luxury companies face in this region.

Discover what Cyrine, Rabih and Pauline all students of the program, have to say about their current experience in Asia:

Cyrine: I have always had an admiration for China even if I had never been there before. Being part of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing was the opportunity for me to fulfill my wish. It was my chance to explore this amazing country and learn about its culture but also about its businesses.
From the amazing views on the bund and the skyscrapers, to the beautiful temples and gardens, Shanghai didn’t stop to amaze me from day one. Shanghai, the city of dreams: the perfect combination of ancient history and futuristic technologies. Having traveled to several countries during the past few years, I must admit that China was a major surprise. From fear to extreme excitement, that experience is completely unique. Every day is a new discovery that will make you question your knowledge and your perception of the world.

This semester at East China Normal University is the last piece of the puzzle of our program. Having explored the French and American markets, as a luxury student I couldn’t bypass the Chinese one. From luxury brand management to retail, from how to do business in Asia to retail operation and the in-company consultancy project, this semester brought me insights about the market and the necessary tools to succeed in the luxury business.
I can say for myself that this semester has taught me important lessons that will be without any doubt a fine asset for me in whichever country I will be working in. Having the chance to learn more about it and acquire additional information will only distinguish us from other future graduates. “

Rabih: “My experience in Shanghai is so far surprising. I had never been to China before or the Far East as a matter of fact. I did not know what to expect. And I did not really have a lot of expectations. However, when I arrived in Shanghai on the 4th of April, I was blown away by how this country and this city are extremely dynamic.  I immediately felt a similarity to Dubai:  same skyscrapers, same kind of streets.
Moreover, my friends and I have found a place to live on west Nanjing Road which is central. I love it here. Everything is nearby. You can just walk everywhere and feel like a tourist.
I love Shanghai, I have adapted easily but the language barrier is huge. And maybe if I learn how to speak fluent Chinese, I might consider finding a job here. 

Pauline: "Currently enrolled in the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing, I have the chance to discover Shanghai and its surroundings during my last semester in the program. My host university is the East China Normal University. I fairly treasure this precious opportunity to learn Mandarin and more about the Chinese culture. I study, travel and communicate with people from various backgrounds and cultures. These three months are helping me to be more open-minded and discover the adventurous person inside me."

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