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Back to News 13/03/2018

What’s happening in the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing?

As students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing are currently completing their second semester in London or New-York, they are discovering a new aspect of the luxury industry. Ishpreet, is currently completing her second semester at London College of Fashion. She shares with us, her experience and tells us more about her time in the fashionable city.

“I am enjoying my time in London. It is heaven for people who enjoy studying Fashion. The best thing about these 3 months is the practical approach taken by the school instead of just being in a classroom. We have had classes at different places and venues in London, talking about its history and its relation to fashion. Personally, I love London, the people are nice, warm and helpful. We get sufficient time to complete our assignments and explore the city at the same time. These three months are adding a lot of value not just academically but personally as well.”

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