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Hear how graduate Sabeen Armani launched social media agency BeSocial360

European Master in Management graduate Sabeen Armani tells us how she set up her own international social media agency BeSocial360 and how the programme played an important role in her career to date.

Tell us about your experience of the programme. What were the highlights for you?

The European Master in Management was my top choice when applying to business schools and I chose the programme for its unique nature. I was very impressed by the quality of education and the very knowledgeable and approachable professors and staff. There were numerous highlights during my two years as a student. I had the chance to learn from different European perspectives, as well as meet, network with, and forge friendships with fellow students, professors and staff from different universities who have all positively impacted my personal and professional life in their respective ways. I also consider my specialisation year to be a major highlight of my journey, as it was my experience there that allowed me to take a significant step into entrepreneurship.

How do you think the European Master in Management has had an impact on your career?

The programme allowed me to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to flourish in an international environment, while honing key professional skills necessary to be competitive in the business world. The programme also allowed me to develop relationships with and network with people from around the world. I’ve learned something from every single person I’ve interacted with as a student of the European Master in Management. The experience, knowledge and key management and interpersonal skills I gained from the programme have proved to be very valuable to my professional life, as I am now able to easily manage my entrepreneurial ventures and operate them internationally at age 25.

For you, what were the biggest learnings from the programme?

I gained a solid international outlook and extensive knowledge on a variety of fundamental topics, ranging from marketing management to accounting to organisational behavior. I was able to learn about the different approaches to management by different cultures in addition to the most modern practices and trends in the business world, which have proved to be very valuable in my professional career today. The programme showed me that in the business world, nothing is impossible as long as you think outside of the box. 

Please tell us more about your international social media agency - BeSocial 360

Right after graduating from the programme in 2012, I launched BeSocial360, a full-service international social media agency. We work with clients from around the world and ensure that they are using social media to its full potential. We help businesses create, implement, and optimise their social media strategy, design their social media profiles and help them to reach and communicate with their target audiences. We also deliver customised social media training seminars and events to our corporate clients around the world. Our clients range from small to large companies and belong to the entertainment, travel, technology, education, medical and legal industries, to name a few.  

As founder and CEO of BeSocial360, I deal with all aspects of the business in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. No two days at BeSocial360 are ever the same! There is no better satisfaction than a happy client, which reinforces our commitment to excellence. 2014 is on track to be our busiest year yet and we are looking forward to seeing what it brings! 

What has been your career highlight?

It would definitely be creating my own company at the age of 25. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I am able to pursue my passions daily, while having the flexibility to accept different projects, take different decisions and set appropriate working hours. I am able to make a difference in the business world doing what I love and have the opportunity to travel and work with people all around the world.

What advice would you give to future students of the programme?

Know what you want professionally and start taking small steps from day one - don’t wait for anyone to take the steps for you. Use the knowledge from the programme and resources available to you to make your professional dreams possible. Networking is key - don’t ever forget that! Be involved in student life, learn from eachother, and of course, have fun along the way!

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